How You Can Help

Join Us

Join us as we continue to fight for private property rights for all Ohioans.

The Ohio Supreme Court has accepted jurisdiction of the attorney general’s appeal. The Supreme Court has decided once and for all that the state cannot force property owners across Ohio to pay a lease fee to use property they already own. No matter where you live, you can help us in the fight to uphold the Constitution. We have won the Court battle, but there is still much to do to assure that ODNR and the State of Ohio follow the Supreme Court decision.

Become a member of the OLG.  join on-line.

Other Ways You Can Help

Host a Neighborhood Meeting

The OLG will help you host a neighborhood meeting designed to address the specific concerns of small neighborhood communities in a manner that cannot be done with a larger group. We will provide a speaker, handouts, sample invitations & return envelopes, and a list of OLG members near you.

Typically, it consists of 10-15 households (members and non-members) who you choose to invite. The meeting provides an opportunity for us to explain on an individualized basis what ODNR has been doing and what OLG has done to counter ODNR. These meetings are a great opportunity to bring our message to neighbors who do not know about this issue, as well as members to ask questions. It is a great opportunity for you to get your neighbors involved.

If you would like more information to host a meeting, contact Greg Baeppler at 216-577-6811 or by email at

Tell your neighbors and friends about our fight and encourage them to stand for private property rights.

Contact your local government officials

Ask them for their opinion and their support of the shoreline owner’s position.

To locate your Senator, go to the General Assembly web site, and type in your zip code.

Also available is a list of all Senators, and list of all Representatives along with a bio and their mailing address, phone number and email address.