The Ohio Lakefront Group is a non-profit group of Lake Erie residential shoreline property owners and other concerned citizens committed to the preservation of private property rights. We are dedicated to the protection, preservation and enhancement of private property rights throughout Ohio.


Our mission is to protect our private property by advocating for reasonable goals for Ohio Lake Erie Coastal Management.

The Ohio Lakefront Group represents the rights of lakefront property owners and aims to restore property rights taken by the Ohio Department of natural Resources Office of Coastal Management. This includes lakefront property owners’ riparian, littoral or other property rights.

The Ohio Lakefront Group will provide the most valuable source of coastline knowledge available, that of lakefront property owners. The lakefront property owners are the true stewards of the Lake Erie shoreline. They have the greatest stake involved in coastal management, and have maintained and protected the shoreline since the days when Lake Erie was not fashionable.

The Ohio Lakefront Group is working to ensure that the regulations protecting our shorelines are reasonable and effective and not overly burdensome. These regulations should not infringe on shoreline property owners’ constitutional rights. The Ohio Constitution protects property rights; therefore, the State of Ohio must affirm, recognize, and protect these rights.

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