Ohio Lakefront Group Board of Directors

Board of Directors Information

NAME                       POSITION                       EMAIL

Greg Baeppler       Chairman                gbaeppler@att.net

Tony Yankel           President                tony@yankel.net

Vitas Cyvas             Vice-President      akcijas@prodigy.net

Rick Rennell           Treasurer               rjrboss@gmail.com

Nancy Plymale       Secretary                soxthe1st@yahoo.com

Bob Bunsey            Director                   bbunsey@spede.com

Kent Kemmerer    Director                   klkemmerer@att.net

Gina Supra Limbert       Director         harleywg22001@yahoo.com

Mike Prout              Director                  sprout1419@aol.com


Click here to read the OLG BY Laws (PDF)


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