The current member donation is $50 per household annually. If you have given previously at least $1000, donations are reduced to $25.

$25 – I have previously donated a cumulative amount of $1000 and would like to join at the reduced dues rate. 

$50 – I would like to donate at the standard $50 rate.

I would like to donate a different amount to support the work of the Ohio Lakefront Group. I will input my own donation amount during the processing portion of the gift.


You can also mail a check with your name, address, phone number, and email address to:


Ohio Lakefront Group

P.O. Box 2084

Sheffield Lake, OH 44054

Voice Mail (440) 644-0246

  • OLG is a not for profit organization, but not 501(c3), therefore this is not generally a tax deductible donation.