Update: We have been advised that there are still checks being distributed. If you filed a claim that was initially denied, you may receive a check if you updated your information properly.
Original Report:
Lake County Common Pleas Court Judge Lucci approved the settlement reached between the Ohio Lakefront Group and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources upon the October 21, 2016 hearing. The Court appointed Administrator was then given approval to finalize claims approvals and begin to refund Lake Erie lakeshore property owners who filed claims and whose claims were approved. There are two classes of claims: those who paid submerged lands leases; and damages to all lakeshore property owners. Those with submerged lands leases were also eligible for separate damage claims.
Checks for $1,088,448.84 in lease refunds were recently mailed to property owners who submitted valid claims for submerged lands leases.
Checks for damages were sent on May 12. Approximately 1500 claims were filed for damages.