These briefs, while all less voluminous than the initial briefs, said little more than those initially submitted to the Ohio Supreme Court. The State continues to assert State ownership landward of Lake Erie to the OHWM. The NWF/OEC continues its assertion of the more modern interpretation of the law to include walking along the dry beach. And ODNR focuses on filled land previously covered by the waters of Lake Erie. While these briefs are not as long, they still take some time to peruse. The links for the actual briefs are below. OLG does not have any other required briefs. However, co-plaintiff Homer S. Taft and perhaps L. Scot and Darla J. Duncan will file additional briefs. We still do not expect the Court to set a hearing date for oral arguments until 2011.

State Second Brief

ODNR Second Brief

NWF OEC Second Brief