What is happening with the Supreme Court remand to Judge Lucci’s Common Pleas Court?

Lake Erie Shoreline

On December 13th, Judge Lucci issued an order requiring our attorneys and the state to discuss resolving or narrowing the remaining outstanding issues after the Supreme Court decision. A 60 day window was set to complete this process.
Our attorneys provided a detailed proposal to the state on November 9th.  Following discussions, including phones calls with ODNR attorneys and a face to face meeting with ODNR and its attorneys, the state replied in writing on January 30, and our attorneys replied in writing on February 3.  Significant issues remain unresolved.  Our attorneys have advised the State that, while the Ohio Lakefront Group remains interested in continuing settlement discussions, a case schedule should be established.

In a letter to Judge Lucci our attorneys requested that a case management conference be scheduled to consider and set a case schedule.