The following is provided as information without bias. Wind Farms are beyond the scope of the Ohio Lakefront group mission. The Ohio Lakefront Group has no position at this time

COLUMBUS, OHIO (Aug. 1, 2018) – The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) today rescheduled the adjudicatory hearing regarding Icebreaker Windpower, Inc.’s application to construct a wind-powered electric generation facility in Lake Erie. The purpose of the adjudicatory hearing is to allow formal parties to the case to present pre-filed testimony and evidence, and to cross examine other parties’ witnesses.

The adjudicatory hearing, previously set to begin on Aug. 6, 2018, is now scheduled as follows:

Sept. 24, 2018, at 10 a.m.
180 East Broad Street
Hearing Room 11-A
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3793

The OPSB rescheduled the adjudicatory hearing in response to a motion filed by Icebreaker Windpower to revise the procedural schedule in the case.

Icebreaker Windpower proposes to construct six wind turbines in Lake Erie approximately 8 to 10 miles off the shore of Cleveland. Each turbine would have a nameplate capacity rating of 3.45 megawatts (MW), resulting in a combined generating capacity of 20.7 MW. The project would include an approximately 12-mile long submerged cable to transmit the electricity generated by the turbines to Cleveland Public Power’s onshore Lake Road substation.

The OPSB held local public hearings in Cleveland on Nov. 8, 2017 and July 19, 2018. On July 3, 2018, the OPSB technical staff published its report of investigation, recommending that the OPSB approve construction of the facility subject to 34 conditions. The staff report is only a recommendation, and the final decision regarding the proposed facility remains pending before the OPSB. The OPSB has not scheduled a date for the final decision.

Additional information regarding the proposed facility is available on the OPSB website at in case number 16-1871-EL-BGN.


The Ohio Power Siting Board reviews applications for the construction of major utility facilities in Ohio. Together with Ohio’s elected officials, citizen stakeholders, and the energy industry, the Board strives to build a strong and competitive foundation for Ohio’s future.