The Ohio Supreme Court were heard oral arguments in our class action lawsuit on Tuesday February 1. Three buses of lakefront property owners never got to Columbus due to the snowstorm Monday night. Instead, many watched the proceedings via a live video stream from the Court. The video is still available on the Court archives. (Watch video).

The Justices questioned both sides and asked each to describe the place that they would place the public/private boundary on Lake Erie.

OLG’s attorney James F. Lang stated that it should be as the  Common Pleas and Appellate Courts decided, at  the water’s edge, the boundary where the land and water normally meet at rest when undisturbed by short term natural forces.

Homer S. Taft, co-joined plaintiff in the lawsuit, stated that the boundary should be at the low water mark of Lake Erie.

Assistant Attorney General, Stephen P. Carney stated that the boundary should be at a place somewhere between the water’s edge and the ordinary high water mark. This was a change for the State who had previously argued that the boundary is at the ordinary high water mark.

The media around the State has picked up the story and published their accounts. The links to each of the stories are listed below.

Please note that some newspapers change their hyperlinks daily, so it is advised that articles of interest be read today as they might not be accessible later.

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