We continue to await the decision in the State’s Appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court. Since our annual meeting there have been a number of local newspaper articles on the case. The Plain Dealer ran a story based on a reporters account who attended the annual meeting as well as interviews with OLG President Tony Yankel, 1851 Center for Constitutional Law Director Maurice Thompson, and ODNR Coastal Water management Office Chief John Watkins. The Toledo Blade, always reporting unfavorably towards OLG, reported based on an interview with a law professor. A personal viewpoint is that this professor should go back to law school.

There are some new battles regarding water, ground water. Michigan has passed a law requiring property owners to obtain a permit to use their own ground water under certain circumstances. The Ohio Legislature is considering a bill

that would set thresholds for withdrawals in the Lake Erie watershed covering about a third of Ohio that environmental groups contend could endanger lake levels. The watershed includes groundwater. Click the hot (blue) links to read the articles.