Columbus (OH) – Today, the Ohio Supreme Court accepted jurisdiction in a case that will give it the opportunity to protect the property rights of all Ohioans and address the authority of the state attorney general to disregard the governor’s policy decisions.

“We look forward to the Supreme Court defending the Constitution and turning back this
Richard Cordray-led assault on private property rights,” said Tony Yankel, president of the Ohio
Lakefront Group. “By accepting jurisdiction on the attorney general’s authority, the Supreme
Court will also get a chance to stop activist attorneys general like Marc Dann, Elliot Spitzer and
Richard Cordray from pandering to special interests at the taxpayer’s expense.”

Since 2006, three different courts have ruled that Ohio property owners can’t be forced to open
their backyards to strangers. Despite that fact, special interest groups and Attorney General
Richard Cordray have continued their efforts to reverse more than 200 years of Ohio law.

A briefing schedule for the case hasn’t been set and the Supreme Court will likely hear oral
arguments this summer. A copy of the Court’s announcement is available online at