The Court has appointed a third party to perform the settlements with owners of Lake Erie lakefront property. A legal notice has been prepared to give information about the settlement and how to file a claim for compensation from ODNR. This information applies to both Submerged Lands Lease holders, improperly charged to lease their own property, as well as to all lakefront property owners who can be compensated for the illegal taking of their property to the Ordinary High Water Mark. In order to receive any compensation, a lakeshore property owner must follow these instructions and file a claim form. To read these instructions and receive a claim form you can visit the website which also provides the legal Stipulation and the Preliminary Order from the Court approving the stipulation.  The information on our website is the actual legal notice sent to lakeshore property owners for which we have email addresses as well as this notice that will be published in local newspapers. The claim form is the same as that provided on the website of the Merrill vs. ODNR Administrator (JND Class Action Administration). This JND website provides all information including phone number and address of the Administrator.

Legal Notice: Legal Notice


Claim Form: Claim Form

Please DO NOT contact the Court regarding the settlement except as otherwise stated in the legal notice.

Since the settlement is being handled by a third party, questions should be referred to the third party as provided in the legal notice.  It would be good if we were given a copy of the questions and a copy of the answers.

Telephone (toll-free): 1-844-360-2770

Mailing Address

Merrill v. ODNR Claims Administrator
c/o JND Class Action Administration
PO Box 6878
Broomfield, CO 80021