Myths: You need a Submerged Lands to file – FALSE
It is difficult to file – FALSE
The money you receive is not worth your while – FALSE
Everyone knows they can receive money – FALSE
All lakefront property owners can be compensated for the illegal taking of their property by ODNR whether you think it actually affected you or not. PLEASE file your claim! Talk to all your neighbors and friends who own Lakeshore property and give them this information and/or a claim form so that they may file.

We are attempting to contact the many people who have fought for this Court ruling as possible to benefit from the decision and collect from ODNR. The deadline is approaching. The Settlement Administrator must receive the claim by October 12.

Any lakeshore property owner should follow these instructions and file a claim form. To read these instructions and receive a claim, you should visit the website which also provides the Legal Stipulation and the Preliminary Order from the Court approving the Stipulation. (You can skip the Preliminary Order and Stipulation scroll down to the claim form to avoid confusion) This website provides all information including phone number and address of the Administrator.
Click here to view and print the Claim form.

Please DO NOT contact the Court except as provided on the Settlement Administrator website.

Since the settlement is being handled by a third party, questions should be referred to the third party as provided in the legal notice. It would be good if we were given a copy of the questions and a copy of the answers.

Please contact the Claims Administrator if you have any questions about submitting your claim!
Telephone (toll-free): 1-844-360-2770
Mailing Address
Merrill v. ODNR Claims Administrator
c/o JND Class Action Administration
PO Box 6878
Broomfield, CO 80021