OLG filed its brief to the Ohio Supreme Court on Friday. The brief in summary noted that when ODNR and the Governor withdrew from the lawsuit, the Attorney General lost standing. Since ODNR is the sole party responsible for the management of Lake Erie, by withdrawing, the Attorney General could not defend that responsibility. However, should the Court determine that the AG does have standing, we agree with the State’s brief that the case should not be remanded to the Appeal Court since all the briefs from all parties were provided to that Court for their decision in the appeal.The full OLG brief can be accessed through this link: OLGSupremeCourtbrief

NWF/OEC also filed their brief restating the State’s argument that the AG should have standing in the case. Access the full brief here: NWF_OECSupremeCourtbrief

An Amicus brief was also filed by NWF representing a number of environmental and sportman’s organizations basically stating that the AG is responsible for defending the environment in Ohio which includes Lake Erie. Access the full brief here: Amicusbrief

Co-plaintiffs Homer Taft and Scot Duncan filed supplementary briefs further asserting the AG’s lack of authority to appeal our lawsuit after the ODNR and Governor withdrew and took separate attorney representation. They provied additional case law to support their assertion. Their briefs can be accessed through these links: Duncanbrief 20TaftSupport