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Lake County SID Under Consideration

We have learned that Lake County is looking at the prospect of creating a Shoreline Special Improvement District (SID) for its residents. If you are a Lake County resident and are interested in a SID, please review the below information and return the pre-application no later than June 26th. If you are not a Lake County Resident, you should contact your county commissioners, local government, or port authority to inquire about a SID project. At this time, we are not familiar with any other county projects. To learn more about a SID, see our white paper here. The following information was shared with us by Lake County officials:
The Lake County, Ohio Communities are seeking properties within their boundaries to join in the establishment of a special improvement district (SID) under provisions of the Ohio Revised Code to address the abatement of shoreline erosion.
The attached pre-application form should be completed by any property owner in need of shoreline erosion assistance and interested in participating in a special improvement district to address those issues.
The pre-application form does not obligate you or your property at this time. It is a preliminary expression of interest to help your community quantify the number of properties that may initially be included in the SID, the number of projects that may be undertaken by the SID and the planning of potential financing for them.
Official petition processes will follow this pre-application phase to formally establish the SID and to commence the assessment process for erosion control projects to join properties into the SID.
If you are a Lake County (Ohio) resident and own property in need of erosion control assistance and are interested in joining the SID, please complete the pre-application form and return it to your City’s or Village’s Mayor/ Manager or to your Township’s Board of Trustees no later than June 26, 2020 so that your communities can help expedite the process to address erosion control concerns.
 Note that the Ohio Lakefront Group is providing this information as an educational effort. Before you enter into any legal agreement (not the interest form), you should check with your own legal counsel to make sure it protects your rights in your private property. 

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OLG 2020 Annual Meeting Cancelled


The Ohio Lakefront Group Annual Meeting for 2020 has been cancelled due to the coronavirus. Please read the above letter from Tony Yankel for an update on what we are doing at this time, including monitoring algae and lake levels, educating on SIDs, and how we are handling board members and elections.

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OLG E-News May 20, 20202

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Gift Card Scam Alert

Dear Ohio Lakefront Members,

Recently, several of our board members received an email from an individual claiming to be OLG President Tony Yankel asking for donations of gift cards to purchase emergency items and PPE to distribute to local nursing facilities and respite care facilities due to the COVID-19 challenge.

This email did not come from Tony. From our initial review of the situation, it appears that there was not any sort of a hack of our system or access of our email accounts or Tony’s email. Most likely this person found email addresses associated with likely lakefront property owners online and he or she created an email in Tony’s name. This is a scam that has been used frequently in churches, veterans organizations, and other groups in Ohio for the past few years but is circulating again to take advantage of people during this time of uncertainty.

If you receive this email, please do not respond to it in any way as in doing so you may be sharing personal information with the scammer. Instead, you can forward it to (who?) so that we can continue to monitor the situation. You may also notify your local law enforcement agency.

The Ohio Attorney General has published this list of common scams and things to look out for when you might be the target of an online scam. Please take a look at it and share with friends or family members who might be vulnerable in their generosity.


Tony Yankel

President, Ohio Lakefront Group

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