Dear Fellow Lakefront Property Owner:
The Ohio Lakefront Group has been working to ensure that all members of OLG class action lawsuit receive as much money as possible from the settlement.  There is a provision in the Settlement that calls for the Administrator to distribute unclaimed funds to Class Members that originally filed a claim.
There were unclaimed funds, so a second distribution is in order.  To qualify for the second distribution you had to have previously put in a claim for damages (not about leases), and you had to have cashed the check.  If the check you got was $100 or less, you will not be getting a second check.  In order to save administrative costs, the Court Stipulation provided that the Administrator did not have to send out check for $20.00 or less.
If you qualified for the second distribution, you should have received a check by now for approximately 20% of the first check you received.
The generous support of OLG by our Members has allowed us to advocate on your behalf for not only the first compensation check you received, but also for this second check as well.  As long as OLG is financially viable, we hope to keep fighting for your property rights and against inappropriate governmental behavior.
Tony Yankel
Ohio Lakefront Group President