The Ohio Lakefront Group needs contributions to help us win our class action lawsuit against the State Of Ohio Attorney General.

We are a group of volunteers fighting to preserve your private property rights. We greatly appreciate your donations for this important cause.

Become a Member

Don’t let your property rights erode faster than your shoreline. Join the Ohio Lakefront Group today!

Four easy ways to join

1. Online Form

2. By Mail

Print this form and mail it to:

Ohio Lakefront Group

P.O. Box 2084

Sheffield Lake, OH 44054

3.  By Phone

Call our secure toll-free Hotline at 1-888-502-3224. Listen to the recording and leave us your information.

4. Paypal online

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Donate Now

Renew your annual voting membership dues or donate toward our cause. A voting member will contribute at least the minimum of $50. Those individual households not wishing to be voting members will no longer receive OLG e-mail or postal communications.

Annual Dues – Voting membership for residential households is a minimum of a fixed $50 per year plus a requested minimum of $50 per $100,000 of valuation per year (i.e. if your lakefront property is worth $400,000, you would pay $50 plus 4 x $50 or $250 total). By valuation we are referring to the assessment on your tax statement, which is often less than what full market value may be. It is necessary for all to contribute in a fair and equitable manner. For those that can give more than the recommended, we encourage them to do so.

To show our appreciation, a gift premium is available on request for various amounts of donations.

  • $100 gets an OLG T-shirt “ODNR Get Off My Land”
  • $200 gets an OLG Polo shirt with OLG logo
  • $500 gets an OLG Windbreaker with OLG logo
  • If you wish to receive a gift premium, send an e-mail with your choice and size (S,M,L,XL).

Donations are being accepted through PayPal using a Visa or Mastercard. All transactions are handled on a Secure Server. Please note, donations are not tax deductible.






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